Always a girl scout



When I was a young girl growing up in Minnesota, I became a Brownie.  It was the entry level to an old organization that was formed to give American girls a platform to grow.  After that, I remained an active Girl Scout for many years until my family moved to a new area just before I entered high school.  I enjoyed the experience, except perhaps the last day of Summer Camp one year when a tornado came through and knocked down all of our tents.  We all piled into a ditch, which naturally filled with rain water.  We ended up sleeping together in rows on the floor of the large meeting room the last night of camp, but I digress…

Since I grew up an only child before cable tv, the internet or cell phones, I learned self-reliance and how to entertain myself. As a Girl Scout I was able to socialize with other girls and learn a wide variety of skills.  My dark green sash accumulated LOTS of badges, and what I learned would serve me well in life and also at a Leadership Camp I would attend many, many years later.

I hadn’t thought much about it over the years until 2009, when I met a wonderful lady who would become a mentor.  We met at a marketing seminar, she is a Trends Analyst aka a numerologist.  I’d heard about the art/science but was essentially unfamiliar.  I scheduled sessions for both me and my husband, what were both heard was remarkable and almost eerily on point.  In my case her words were “Dawn, you really are a Girl Scout.  People like you, they trust you, you help people cross the street, you sell them cookies.”  The last one was absolute truth: I earned the Super Seller badge 3 years in a row.  In fact, it is a bit strange to think back to age 10 or 12  walking through our neighborhood, in the snow, knocking on strangers’ doors to sell cookies.  I’m thinking that doesn’t happen anymore.

In 2012, after moving to Florida I finally sold my house in Orange, California.  About 4 years later, I got a Facebook message from someone I didn’t know asking me if I was the same Dawn Fleming who sold a house On Wilson Avenue in Orange.  I said I was, and he replied that he and his wife were the buyers.  They found a box in the rafters of the garage, full of papers and mementoes of mine and he wanted to know if I wanted it.  He took a picture of the box with the lid off.  My heart jumped when I saw an old scrap book on the top, that I thought was long gone.

When the box arrived a opened it like a kid at Christmas.  There were 2 show boxes full of bank statements and cancelled checks (remember THOSE??) from 1989-1994.  I didn’t even feel the need to shred those… The scrapbook was near and dear to my heart, it has all my school year photos and more.  The next thing I pulled out of the box made me smile – then laugh.  A bookmark, with the Girl Scout Promise and Law printed on it.  Yes, it is true: at my core I am and will always be a girl scout.

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